Monday, January 5, 2009

Whoo Hoo! only 74 more days until our next Disney Trip. This one is super budget (under $1000.00 food, transportation, one day ticket and rooms) just Flori and I we will be using our annual passes we bought in October. They have a special right now buy 4 nights get 3 free plus if you travel before March 31 you recieve a $200.00 GC. We will drive to Disney from St. Louis and stay at POP Century again - our favorite because of the free refillable cup, this is the only place that has frozen cokes YUMMO! I have already collected a number of GC for lunches and dinner. The hotels on the way will be free with all my points one way at Holiday Inn Express (free Breakfast) and one way at Hilton (free breakfast). I have a rental car reserved but I will wait and see if Doug can get my car fixed up to my standards before I decide if I will take it or pay the $200.00 to use the rental for 9 days. Disney Special

I won't have time to hit the stores today since Flori has a basketball game tonight
at 6:30. This is her 3rd year playing for Special Olympics (she made me so proud last year when not one but two other team leaders got hurt and were not allowed to play. She became the center at just under 5 foot she moved the ball well and made sure everyone on the team got a chance to shoot the ball) It makes for a busy night: home by 4:30 dinner right away 5:30 sister arrives with the kidos (whom I babysit and love doing it) we are out the door again at 5:45 for the game, home again around 8ish. Quick mini meal since the kids are all hungry then to bed ASAP or at least by 9:00 pm.

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