Sunday, January 11, 2009

Busy Weekend almost over.

Saturday Jan 10
Family: Flori and the Purple Spirits had a couple of Basketball games. They played the same team twice and were able to pull out two wins and got the gold metal. I was happy because that meant going home early. Had they won one and lost one we would have had another game.
On the way home we stopped at 3 Walgreens to try and finish up the deals from the week.
Today Flori and I went to see Bride Wars with our 2 free movie tickets. (Last month Home Depot had a special gift card that allowed you to buy the $25.00 GC - Dad's Christmas present- and receive 2 free movie tickets from Fandango.) We really liked the movie. Only out of pocket was our tub of popcorn $7.75 which we get refilled as we leave to enjoy later or tomorrow.

Walgreens 1 They were out of almost everything.
5.00 Benefiber X 2 - 2.00 Q x 2
8.49 Orajel Cold Sore Patches - 1.00 Q
0.99 Coffee Filters (filler)
-3.00 RR from last week
Total on GC 12.35 Received 5.00 RR. I will receive 9.34 back on WAG GC and 8.00 MIR.

Walgreens 2
9.99 Revelon Matte Eye liner -2.00 Q
5.00 Theraflu Warming x 2 -2.00 Blinkie
1.19 Extra Gum X3 - 2.67 WAG 7 day (filler)
-10.00 RR from earlier in the week
Total on GC 5.29 Received 5.00 RR. I will receive 10.99 back on WAG GC

Walgreens 3
I have been sick w/ a stupid cold (I never get sick) since right after Christmas so I decided I needed to start taking Vitamins:
7.00 Centrum Vitamins x 3 - 3.00 Q
5.00 Thera Flu Warming -2.00 Q
5.00 Benefiber -2.00 Q
3.49 Electrasol Gel Pack -2.50 Q
1.00 Socks for DD (they were cute and only 1.00 so OK)
Total on GC 21.40 however I did not receive the RR (10.00 and 5.00). The cashier asked me if I was expecting any which I was. So I have a feeling they knew the machine wasn't working. First the manager told me it was because I used Q. I showed her in the ad where it tells us to look for Q in the paper so wrong. Then she said I bought the wrong ones. But no I was correct. So she ended up putting $15.00 back onto my GC meaning I only paid 6.40 on GC. I will receive 1.65 on the GC for the Electrasol.

Today I had to spend actual money at the Grocery store
Schnucks 1
1.00 Betty Crocker Boxed Potatoes x 5 - .35 Q doubled to .70
1.00 Progresso Soup x 9 - 1.00/3 Q x 2 and -1.10/3 Q
1.00 Fuze Drinks x 6 - .25 Q doubled to .50
1.00 Dial hand soap x 5 - .35 Q did not double so cashier did it manually
1.00 Ludens Wild Cherry cough drops x 7 - 1.00 Q
1.00 Austin Cheese Crackers for DD (I need to stop shopping with her)
Subtotal 33.55 Total after Q 14.15

Schnucks 2
1.00 Betty Crocker Boxed Potatoes x 7 - .40 Q doubled to .80 x 5 -.35 Q doubled to .70 x 2
2.59 Provolone Cheese x 2
1.00 Salmon Fillet x 10
1.49 Carrots
1.00 Celery
1.00 Mentos Gum -.55/2
1.00 Dial hand soap x 3 -.35 Q again didn't double (had to go to CS received 2.25 back -triple)
1.00 Totinos Pizza Rolls x 2 - 1.00 IP
Subtotal 38.69 Total after Q 29.14 - 2.25 cash back = 26.89
I also found a Biggest Loser coupon sheet w/ up to $10.00 off so a grabbed a couple.

Dollar Store
1.00 Newspaper x 3
total 3.20

Total remaining for the month 372.48

Next week Shop N Save will have their $10.00 off when you buy $50.00 (before Q) deal so I expect to work out some deals for Thursday. I have a couple of free Q that I have been saving.

Weekly Menu
Sun: Rolladen, 3 Cheese BC Potatoes, Steamfresh Corn
Mon: CP Ham and Beans, Corn Bread
Tue: Chicken Quesadillas
Wed: Left overs
Thur: Sloppy Joes
Fri: Salmon, Noodles, Green Beans
Sat: Hawaiian Chicken, Rice, Veggie and/or Salad