Friday, January 23, 2009

OK! I am sick of being sick! I have been fighting a cold off and on since the day after Christmas. Between the kids and work there is always someone sick and reinfecting me! I have not been truely sick in years but this year I am worn out. Thank goodness I have all kinds of cheap cold medicine. I have started taking vitamins, I have tried Zicam, Theraflu and Tylenol cold at various times within the last 4 weeks.
We have only 58 days until our next Disney Trip!!!! I have two rental cars booked right now since my car is older and not running great right now. I have a midsize car and a compact reserved so I am trying to decide if I want the comfort of the larger car or the economy of the smaller car. I have rooms booked with my Hilton and Holiday Inn points that offer free full breakfasts. The travel agent will make the final payment the beginning of Feb and put in our room request for the 70's section at POP Century. I am surprising Flori, shhh don't tell her, with a lunch before we leave at Akershus, Norway, Epcot. It is a character lunch with a number of the princesses and they have her favorite, salmon, for an entree option.
There haven't been any real deals at the grocery stores this week and I have plenty stockpiled so I haven't spent any money there. I will try to post my Walgreens deals later today. We had a new store open in the area and they have a coupon good for $3.00/$10.00 so I have made a number of trips there. I also made a quick stop at Aldi's for fresh fruit and veggies.

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