Thursday, January 1, 2009

I haven't really had a lot of time to get into blogging and social sites but I will try this year to keep up with some of my various hobbies and making myself accountable for succeeding in my goals.
1. continue to coupon my way to a debt free life.
2. lose the weight I put back on this year.
3. go back to college to get my degree.

The kids (especially DS 18 - 19 tomorrow) are no longer into soccer, soccer, soccer but I have had the name so long that it has just stuck with me. Most of my friends on the coupon, deals and disney forums know me by extremesoccermom so I will keep that besides:
extremesoccermomdisneynutcouponqueen just does not flow right. LOL !)

Last night was great fun. Flori and I went to my brothers new home and had a great time eating, drinking and play games until and past midnight. A great start to a new year. Brad went to his friends and had a good time. Doug stayed home and slept.

I spent this morning reworking the budget for the next year. Due to changes in our medical insurance I will have more money to save in case we have any medical issues that will not be covered with the new plan. My laser eye surgery from last Dec will be paid off my June and our new sofa/bed for Nico will be paid off in two months so we will have that extra money to put into savings. After spending over 20 years in our "starter" home I am ready to look at something new in a better area of town. There is a free dog park about 45 min west of our current home so I would like to start looking in that area.


  1. Hi Sis, so glad to see you have a blog started. Thanks for taking care of my Nico - I love you!!!

    Oh NO! Moving!?? Does that mean I'll have to find a new sitter???? I will die if I have to do that.

  2. Thank you for the welcome. I am going to try to use this to keep me honest on my budget and weight issues.
    No worries if we do move because it would be closer to you. I am looking in the Wentzville/Lake St. Louis area. I have found a couple that I would like to look at if I can convience Doug to come with me. Otherwise, I may just move and see if he notices. LOL.

  3. Hey thanks for following my blog! Little miss know it all is one of my good friends and I get a lot of traffic from her site. This is kind of a coincidence but I love the Lake St. Louis area and if we ever move from here that is where I want to go. One of my "Yaya" friends lives there and I would love to be near her. It seems like a nice new neighborhood and also quite affordable. Good luck on all your hopes for the new year!