Thursday, August 13, 2009

Quick Thursday night run to Shop n Save:

0.77 Kraft EZMac/Velvetta Shells x8 -BOGO free x 3 - 1.00/2 x 4
0.44 Twix - free Q
0.48 Jello x 5 - 1.00/3 IP Q -.50/2 Q
0.60 Mighty dog food x 5 - free Q x 5
2.78 Smucker Jelly -free Q
2.25 Jiff PB - free Q
2.48 Red leaf lettuce -1.00 Q wyb OM deli meat
7.00 Oreo cake for DD15th birthday
5.48 DiGiorno x2 -1.50 x2
5.48 CA Pizza Kitchen -1.00
2.78 Yoplait Fiber One 4pk x2 - free Q - 1.35
2.97 OM Ham & Turkey -1.00/2
54.45 - 10.00/50.00 Thursday - above coupons = GC 20.72 plus I received $5.00 Q for next visit and $20.00 MIR from Kraft.

The black walnuts in the box on the side were free from my Mom and Dad. I will be removing the flesh this weekend and drying them to use in salads and baking. Yummo!
Weekend trip to Target:
2.50 Alexia waffle chips -1.00 MFQ
2.50 Alexia onion strips -1.00 MFQ
0.76 Jello Pudding (singles - Sugar free)
1.99 3lbs bananas -1.00 TargetQ
5.99 Amp -5.99 MFQ
0.99 Bounty towels x2 .50 TargetQ -.25 MFQ
2.70 Kotex liners -2.00 Target Q -1.00 MFQ
1.00 10 ct bic pens x2 -1.00 Target -1.00 MFQ
0.97 Dove bars x2 -BOGO free Target
0.52 Twix, 3 musketeers, snickers x12 - BOGO free Target x6 - 1.00/2 x 5 MFQ
1.24 8 ct Bic pencils x 2 -1.00 Target -1.00 MFQ
6.05 - 5.00 on Gift Card from previous purchase -1.05 cash -2.50 MIR for Alexia chips.

In the bag are spiral notebooks from Office Max. There are 2 on my way home. I picked up 3 notebooks at each store. They are on sale this week for .01 @ total .06

Monday, August 3, 2009

We had used Schwans before but they stopped showing up so I am very glad to have a chance to order some more items from them.

Schwans offers FREE food to new customers

*No purchase necessary. Offer ends 9/30/09 and limited to the first 500,000 new residential/household customers (i.e., have not purchased any products from Schwan's Home Service, Inc. within the past 14 weeks) who are located in an existing route of Schwan's Home Service. Limited to one offer per residence/household and may not be combined with any other offer or promotion. Local and state sales taxes may apply. Other restrictions apply. For complete details, visit Void where taxed, limited, or restricted. For terms and conditions click here.

Product Qty Price Discount Total
Fully Cooked Bacon Slices

* Fully Cooked Bacon Slices
* 32 slices, 10 oz.
* #811

Wine & Garlic Flat Iron Steak

* Wine & Garlic Flat Iron Steak
* 4 - 6 oz. steaks
* #483


* 6 - 3.5 oz. portions
* #429

Garden Vegetable Omelet

* Garden Vegetable Omelet
* 6-3.75 oz. omelets
* #834

BRIGHT STARTS® Bacon Singles

* BRIGHT STARTS® Bacon Singles
* 6-5" pizzas
* #875


Total w/ tax -10.00 = 60.32 but not payable until delivery on Aug 13
I intended to get to the store this weekend but I just never got around to it! I will have to go this week because we are starting to run out of fresh fruit and veggies.
One of the doctors that I work for heard a couple of us girls complaining about our increasing weight and waist lines so he proposed a biggest loser competition in the office and even put up a nice incentive. SOOOOO I am in. There are 7 of us in the office trying to live a healthier lifestyle. He has asked his friend, a nutritionist to help us through group and private emails and no one will be voted out this is just a way to help all of us live HEALTHY.
We start on Wed and I can't wait. I have regained the 30 lbs I had lost 3 years ago and I am excited to once again have a reason and the support I need to get back into shape. I have to say that my son is already complaining about the healthy food we will be eating but they are both behind me and they don't make fun of me when I workout unlike other family members. I am sure the dogs will really enjoy the extra walks also.