Saturday, February 21, 2009

Thursday was another $10 off $50 day and they had a number of good meat deals so I went to work on my plan of action. I did not take pictures. I was just to tired when I got home and I wanted to get everything put away so I could make dinner. I split my order into 2 this week to get the best deal.
Deal 1:
5.00 3lb bag Tenderbird Chicken Breasts
5.00 Tennesse Pride Sausage & Biscuits (kids have been requesting these for awhile)
5.00 Seabest Shrimp x 2
5.00 Swift Beef Patties
4.68 Orange Juice (got the wrong one but to lazy to exchange it) x2
1.67 BC Frosting x 2 - .50 Q
1.67 BC Cookie Mix x 3 - .40
2.00 Pillsbury Cresent Rolls x 4 -.35
54.94 - 10.00 = 44.94 - coupons = 37.28 on GC bought earlier + $10.00 Catalina for next visit from the BC/Pillsbury purchase

Deal 2:
5.00 3 lb bag of Tenederbird Chicken Breasts x 2 (total of 3 allowed)
5.00 5 lb Jumbo pack of Hot dogs x 2
1.00 Hunts Manwich x 8 - .50/2
1.00 Hunts Diced Tomatoes x 8 - .40/2
1.00 Rotel Tomatoes x 6 -.30
1.00 Hunts Pasta Sauce
2.50 Pam Cooking Spray -.35
4.68 Orange Juice (again bought the wrong one but I did return one when my total was more than 50.00
57.18-10 = 47.18 - coupons 41.18 - 4.80 returned juice = 36.38 on GC + $10.00 Catalina from Hunts purchases. Plus I have a friend that is sending me a MIR for $5.00 meat purchase.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How far can $20.00 really go?

If you watch your sales and coupons it can actually go pretty far and it is a good thing when you have family pets! $116.00 vet bill for shots, heartworm meds and eye salve. Saturday I stopped at Aldis for the fresh fruit for the week. Strawberries and Bananas = 4.20

Then a quick stop at Schnucks. Then last night I had to take the newest puppy to the vet for shots and an issue with her eye.1.00 Kleenex x7 - .40 Q doubled to .80
1.00 Heartland WWheat Spaghetti & Disney shapes x 10 -.55 Q
1.79 Healthy Ones Luch Meat x 3 - .75 Q
6.99 5# Clementines -1.00 Q
Subtotal 30.15 w/ tax - coupons = $15.80

Running total for the month $159.69 left to go.

I have spent the last couple of days playing around with Photoshop, making iron ons for our upcomming Disney trips. Here are some of the ones we will be wearing if they meet the kids and grown ups approval:And On the last day:

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Friday the 13th

I just love Friday the 13th. It has always been a lucky day for me. So far nothing exciting has happened but nothing horrible either.
Today on the way home I made a quick trip to WAG to pick up a few rebate items and The Gamer Razor

2.50 Windex Wipes -1.50 IP but it is not listed on the receipt so I will be going back tomorrow
8.99 Gamer Razor -4.00
3.50 Scrubbing Bubbles Gel -3.00/2
3.50 Scrubbing Bubbles Scrubber
12.27 on GC. I will receive 3.00 MIR and I got the $6.00 RR to use later.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

After a rough start I am hoping for a quite month.

After being on heavy duty antibiotics for a week I am feeling better and my Asthma seems to be under control again. I was able to get out a little and get a few deals.
2/5 Thursday: While waiting to get my Rx filled

1.00 Progresso Soup -1.10 IP Q
1.00 Progresso Soup -1.10 IP Q
1.88 Ricotta Cheese
1.29 Sour Cream
1.69 x 3 Smucker Grape Jam -1.00/3 I will mail in for Disney Scrapbook Kit
2.09 x 12 Bistro Rotini Meals on clearance - 6 BOGO Free Q (Great for lunch or late night snack at Disney or for DD when she is home from school)
20.31 (36.05 - 15.74Q)

2/9 Sam's Club
4.88 Aquafina 32 pack (DD and I will bring this to FL in 36 days for our Spring Break Disney Trip)
10.88 Propel (DS drinks these almost every day - better than energy drink IMO)
24.87 40QT cooler (I have been wanting a smaller cooler that we can use for our summer picnics and I thought I had a $10.00 MIR for any cooler from Budweiser but I realized it expired 2/1/09 so this may go back until I can find a better deal)
43.62 total

2/9 Dierbergs
3.29 Coffee Mate -.50 (32 oz was cheaper than the 16 oz)
3.29 Coffee Mate - .50
4.97 2.5 lbs chicken (5 breasts)
2.99 Smucker Sugarfree Blackberry Spread -.55 Hangtag
5.11 Ground Chuck 3 lbs
6.59 London Broil ( turned out to be the best meal ever according to the kids)
3.50 Blackberries -3.50 store special WYB Strawberries
3.99 Strawberries - 2.00 Q WYB EG Bread
2.99 Earth Grains Bread -.35Q doubled to -.70
30.56 total after Q

Today 2/12/09:
Shop n Save they are having their $10.00 off when you spend $50.00 but I went in with no real plan (big mistake) Normally I stick right to that $50.00 or split into 2 $50.00 to maximize the deal but I was tired and didn't bring my calculator. I purchase a 100.00 GC for $90.00 (Q in the Entertainment Book) because I needed to start using up those coupons and this seems to be a month that I may have extra money.
3.39 Kashi Honey Seasame Crackers -3.39 Q
3.28 x2 California Stir Fry
1.94 x2 Uncle Bens Ready Rice -1.00/2
2.99 x2 Tyson Chicken & Steak Ready strips - .55 x 2
2.50 x2 Dole Spinach -4.50 x 2 meal deal WYB 4 above items
4.88 Wanchai Cashew Chicken dinner - 1.10 - MIR Free
3.28 x 2 Coffee Mate -1.50 x2 (coupons expired tomorrow so I had to use them)
5.00 Culinary Circle Sausage Pizza
1.25 Dr Pepper 2 L - 1.25Q WYB above Pizza
5.39 Tyson Honey Tenders -1.00Q (DS has been bugging me for these)
1.74 x 6 PopTarts 12 pack -1.00/2 x 3 (another DS request)
1.34 R&F Spaghetti 2lb package
2.50 x5 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks -1.50/5 RR from a couple of weeks ago
75.84 (see I went way over -10.00 final total 38.77 Not to bad I guess. Used gift card from last May.
Plus I got a $3.00 RR and .03 off my next gas purchase.

Running total for the month
$480.18 -$20.31 -$43.62 -$30.56 - $90.00 = $295.69

I have already been checking out next weeks ads and I don't see much.
I know I still have to buy the FAR items from Walgreens and I have been picking up a couple of razors this week to get the $6.00 RR. Price w/ tax 5.34 on WAG GC.
I also had a Tupperware party so I am sure I will be spending more than I should there but they had some great deals.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sick Again

I woke up this morning and was feeling every bit of my 44 years of age. My hips and left shoulder have all been problems at one time or another in my life and when I am sick that is where I feel it. I was able to get in to see my doctor and found out I have a infection that is attacking my whole body. I had to run to Schnucks for a super antibiotic so I picked up a few things while I waited. They had over 38 items for $1.00 each:

1.00 Med Eggs x 4
1.00 Crunch n Munch x 6 - .35 doubled
2.50 Newmans Pasta Sauce x2 -.50
1.17 Tums Smoothies (clearance) x4 -1.00
1.00 Totinos Pizza Rolls x 8 - .40/2 doubled
1.00 GG Steamfresh x 9 - 1.00 (free)
1.00 BirdsEye Steamfresh x 8 - .35 doubled
1.00 Freshlike Frozen corn x 1 -1.00
46.42 - 26.60 MFQ = 19.82

For the new month 500.00 - 19.82 =480.18 to go. We have no excuse for not eating our veggies now. It's a good thing I have 2 freezer/fridge and one chest freezer.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Official end of the month total

Due to my credit card cut off dates I consider the 4th of the Month as the start of the month.
Offically for the month I have $146.21 left on the grocery expenses but I took the 125.05 for my son's book out since I would just take the money from savings anyway = $21.16. Plus I have $80.00 - $36.92 Tupperware purchase = $43.08 cash left from the Household budget envelope. Total to ING savings account = $64.24. Not great but at least I am going in the right direction.
I have looked at the WAG adds for the next few weeks and don't really see much that I want. I have 3- $10.00 RR and 1- $5.00 RR to use for the Free after MIR items and a new dog bed for our new puppy.
I did run out to do some Walgreens deals and we threw an impropt to Superbowl party so I will update those:

Walgreens: $7.93 (Received a $5.00 RR)

Walgreens: $10.03

Aldis: $20.00 cash (taken from Household extra cash)

Schnucks: $7.83

Tupperware: $36.92

Shop n Save $6.83 used $7.00 RR from a couple of weeks ago. I thought I had this figured to only cost a few cents but it went under by .17.


Brad book for school $125.05
Car repair $201.13 (parts only - good thing DH is a mechanic)