Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Official end of the month total

Due to my credit card cut off dates I consider the 4th of the Month as the start of the month.
Offically for the month I have $146.21 left on the grocery expenses but I took the 125.05 for my son's book out since I would just take the money from savings anyway = $21.16. Plus I have $80.00 - $36.92 Tupperware purchase = $43.08 cash left from the Household budget envelope. Total to ING savings account = $64.24. Not great but at least I am going in the right direction.
I have looked at the WAG adds for the next few weeks and don't really see much that I want. I have 3- $10.00 RR and 1- $5.00 RR to use for the Free after MIR items and a new dog bed for our new puppy.
I did run out to do some Walgreens deals and we threw an impropt to Superbowl party so I will update those:

Walgreens: $7.93 (Received a $5.00 RR)

Walgreens: $10.03

Aldis: $20.00 cash (taken from Household extra cash)

Schnucks: $7.83

Tupperware: $36.92

Shop n Save $6.83 used $7.00 RR from a couple of weeks ago. I thought I had this figured to only cost a few cents but it went under by .17.


Brad book for school $125.05
Car repair $201.13 (parts only - good thing DH is a mechanic)

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