Thursday, February 12, 2009

After a rough start I am hoping for a quite month.

After being on heavy duty antibiotics for a week I am feeling better and my Asthma seems to be under control again. I was able to get out a little and get a few deals.
2/5 Thursday: While waiting to get my Rx filled

1.00 Progresso Soup -1.10 IP Q
1.00 Progresso Soup -1.10 IP Q
1.88 Ricotta Cheese
1.29 Sour Cream
1.69 x 3 Smucker Grape Jam -1.00/3 I will mail in for Disney Scrapbook Kit
2.09 x 12 Bistro Rotini Meals on clearance - 6 BOGO Free Q (Great for lunch or late night snack at Disney or for DD when she is home from school)
20.31 (36.05 - 15.74Q)

2/9 Sam's Club
4.88 Aquafina 32 pack (DD and I will bring this to FL in 36 days for our Spring Break Disney Trip)
10.88 Propel (DS drinks these almost every day - better than energy drink IMO)
24.87 40QT cooler (I have been wanting a smaller cooler that we can use for our summer picnics and I thought I had a $10.00 MIR for any cooler from Budweiser but I realized it expired 2/1/09 so this may go back until I can find a better deal)
43.62 total

2/9 Dierbergs
3.29 Coffee Mate -.50 (32 oz was cheaper than the 16 oz)
3.29 Coffee Mate - .50
4.97 2.5 lbs chicken (5 breasts)
2.99 Smucker Sugarfree Blackberry Spread -.55 Hangtag
5.11 Ground Chuck 3 lbs
6.59 London Broil ( turned out to be the best meal ever according to the kids)
3.50 Blackberries -3.50 store special WYB Strawberries
3.99 Strawberries - 2.00 Q WYB EG Bread
2.99 Earth Grains Bread -.35Q doubled to -.70
30.56 total after Q

Today 2/12/09:
Shop n Save they are having their $10.00 off when you spend $50.00 but I went in with no real plan (big mistake) Normally I stick right to that $50.00 or split into 2 $50.00 to maximize the deal but I was tired and didn't bring my calculator. I purchase a 100.00 GC for $90.00 (Q in the Entertainment Book) because I needed to start using up those coupons and this seems to be a month that I may have extra money.
3.39 Kashi Honey Seasame Crackers -3.39 Q
3.28 x2 California Stir Fry
1.94 x2 Uncle Bens Ready Rice -1.00/2
2.99 x2 Tyson Chicken & Steak Ready strips - .55 x 2
2.50 x2 Dole Spinach -4.50 x 2 meal deal WYB 4 above items
4.88 Wanchai Cashew Chicken dinner - 1.10 - MIR Free
3.28 x 2 Coffee Mate -1.50 x2 (coupons expired tomorrow so I had to use them)
5.00 Culinary Circle Sausage Pizza
1.25 Dr Pepper 2 L - 1.25Q WYB above Pizza
5.39 Tyson Honey Tenders -1.00Q (DS has been bugging me for these)
1.74 x 6 PopTarts 12 pack -1.00/2 x 3 (another DS request)
1.34 R&F Spaghetti 2lb package
2.50 x5 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks -1.50/5 RR from a couple of weeks ago
75.84 (see I went way over -10.00 final total 38.77 Not to bad I guess. Used gift card from last May.
Plus I got a $3.00 RR and .03 off my next gas purchase.

Running total for the month
$480.18 -$20.31 -$43.62 -$30.56 - $90.00 = $295.69

I have already been checking out next weeks ads and I don't see much.
I know I still have to buy the FAR items from Walgreens and I have been picking up a couple of razors this week to get the $6.00 RR. Price w/ tax 5.34 on WAG GC.
I also had a Tupperware party so I am sure I will be spending more than I should there but they had some great deals.

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