Saturday, January 17, 2009

Family: Last month right around Christmas time I was watching the news and saw that one of our local salon's Show Me Stylz was having a buy a $50.00 GC for 1/2 price deal. I had not cut my hair for 3 years before I cut it in Oct and gave it to Locks of Love and made a donation to Mutts n Stuff. I had money left over at the end of the month and decided after looking at their website that I would like to keep my hair short and find a permanent salon. This morning Flori and I had appointments at 9:00 to get hair cuts; what was I thinking it is cold and early. We love them and are very happy with our new find. Since we arrived 20 minutes early they were able to take us right away and start all of our days early. We were done in plenty of time to hit the stores on the way home. We were home in time to have a yummy lunch of Potato Soup from JANE4girls $800.00 annual budget. It turned out very nice and has become a keeper.

Diet: Recipe taken directly from Jane4girls
Easy Instant Baked Potato Soup from a stockpilers pantry.

1 Can Carnation evaporated milk
1 can Butterball chicken broth (I used about 1 1/2 cups of my homemade broth)
1 pouch Hungry Jack instant potato flakes or about 1 1/4 cup (All those Betty Crocker .20 boxes came in handy here - there are 2 bags per box)
cooked bacon

serves 3-4

Crumble cooked bacon in a pot. Add chives and cook over medium heat until chives are limp. Add one can chicken broth and one can water. Stir in one packet instant potato flakes. Once combined remove from heat. Stir in condensed milk. Return to heat and heat until warmed through.

Add cheese and sour cream...delicious. We also had some of the Garlic bread and black berries I bought this morning.

I had to take the puppy to the vet yesterday for more shots and Hartgard which comes out of the monthy budget 34.25 Visa. Then I ran over to Shop n Save to get my $7.00 RR from Thursday I had to talk to the manager but I got it!

Sam's Club
4.87 Frozen Broccoli Florets 4lbs - this is the only broccoli that I like so we stick with it.
10.96 Beef Loin 3.74 lb red tag
7.36 Pork Loin 3.43 lb red tag
6.82 Butter Quarters 4 lbs
5.53 Whole Black Pepper Corns we ran out earlier this week
5.47 Cheese balls (the kids love them)
Total 43.26 cash

Dierbergs 1: I had to split up my Dierbergs order because they will only double up to 3 .40 or less coupons.
1.34 Texas Garlic Toast x 3 - .40 doubled
.99 Fresh Black berries x 2
1.94 Sargento Cheese x 3 - .40 doubled
1.24 Mama Lucia's Breakfast Pizza x 3 - .35 doubled
Total 9.11 Visa

Dierbergs 2:
3.19 Farmcrest Milk 1 gallon 2% - 1.00 wyb SL bread
1.39 PF Skim Milk 1 - 1.00 wyb SL bread
2.50 Welchs Light Juice x 2 - 1.00
1.34 Texas Garlic Toast x 3 - .40 doubled
1.94 Sargento Cheese x 3 - .40 doubled
2.50 Keebler Cookies x 2 - 1.00 IP
0.99 Fresh Black berries
1.24 Mama Lucia's Breakfast Pizza x 3 -.35 doubled
1.49 Sara Lee Soft & Smooth whole grain bread x 2 - 1.00 found these tucked into and around the bread.
1.00 4 Kiwis

Total after Q 19.21 Visa

9.59 Puppy Chow 17.6 lbs x 2 - 3.00 IP
19.79 Dog Chow 44lb + Marley and Me bonus 4 lbs x 2 - 4.00 IP receive $5.00 GC on @
Total 49.58 used 25.00 GC from Christmas + 22.27 Visa

Remaining budget for the month 244.38 - 35.46 on the S&S GC = 208.92 with 1/2 the month to go. I decided to count the GC because when this one runs out I will have to buy a new one with the grocery budget so I want to start putting away the amount I spend toward the next card.

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