Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday Grocery deals


General: It is very cold in St. Louis due to an Arctic Front the high today was 1 degree. The last time it was this cold was 2001. But in typical St. Louis fashion it will be in the 40's by Saturday. We are trying to stay warm at work where I sit by the window. The thermometer I have was reading 56 degrees so I am moving a little slow. The restrooms are being remodeled so we have to go to another floor and the boss decided to lock the door to our office today because of threatening patient. What a pain!

Budget: Our Shop n Save occasionally has a store coupon on Thursdays good for $10 off when you spend $50.00 this is like receiving a 20% discount off the top. I usually will work out one or two orders to take advantage of these deals. I had 2 worked out but when I realized some of my coupons were expired, items were too high and some items were out of stock I quickly cut it down to one order of only the best deals. I think I did well:

2.20 Jack's Frozen Pizza x2
1.00 Hunt's Ketchup x 4
2.50 Pam Cooking Spray (Olive Oil) x 2 - 1.00 IP
2.50 Healthy Choice Steamers x 2 - 1.00 IP
3.00 Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers x 2 -1.00 MFQ
1.67 Orville Redenbacher Microwave Popcorn x 2 - 1.00 IP
1.00 Healthy Choice Soup x2 - .55/2 blinkie
1.00 Rotel Tomatoes x 5
2.00 Captain Crunch Cereal x 5 - 3.00/5 MFQ
4.27 9 Lives Cat Food - 4.27 free MFQ
2.00 Kellogg's Fiber Plus Bar - 1.00 RR from last week + new one for next purchase

Subtotal 53.29 - 10.00 - 15.00 RR from last week - 14.82 Q = Total 10.99 on GC from last May.

I was supposed to receive another $7.00 RR for buying $30.00 Hunt's - HC... but I didn't get it so I will have to stop on my way home from work tomorrow to get it.

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