Saturday, June 13, 2009

I am going to declare June another no buy month. I still have a Shop & Save gift card with over $100.00 on it so I should be able to get all our groceries for the month with some left over. I have not been to Walgreens except to use up my RR and only paying around $5.00-$10.00 OOP per week. I should be done with them buy the middle of July since they are becoming harder to use and the deals are just not there.
I am down to only a month before my next vacation to ..... yup WDW. I am not looking forward to the heat but I will be spending the time with my kiddos at the beautiful Animal Kingdom Villas. (As long as they can get along). We recently had an offer for a free 3 night Disney Cruise which I just cannot pass up. So we are planning our cruise for Oct 2010 with a brief stay at Disney's Vero Beach Resort before. It looks like so much fun and I have not been to the Atlantic side beach since I was a kid. We are saving every extra dollar we can find so we can do some excursions, rent a car and just have a great time in a new place.

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