Sunday, July 12, 2009

All You Grocery challange starts tomorrow.

All you magazine has started a grocery challenge. Spend $25 per person in your household per week on groceries for a month. So for my family of 4 this means a $100 grocery budget per week. Part of the challenge is to also include healthy options and I have also challenged us to eat a lot of locally grown items. The challenge starts July 13. I will be sharing recipes and meal ideas as I try to win $1000 grocery card:)

I am thinking that I should do very well since I already spend less than this per week now. The garden is coming along nicely and I currently have yellow squash and green beans to harvest and use this week. Tomatoes, lettuce cucumbers, zucchini and spaghetti squash are all growing great and will be ready within the next week or so. I also feed my sisters 2 boys dinner 3 nights a week so I am not sure how to count them but I am sure it won't be any problem.


  1. ...and those boys can eat! Of course, you'll be on vacation over that first weekend and won't have them. How long is the challenge?

  2. It was 5 weeks. My total was 74.52. My available budget was 500.00. I did great!