Monday, May 12, 2014

On and Off

Friday was even better. I was able to make it to the C25K group run. We ran part of the actual course for the upcoming Ferguson Twilight 5K. There is a big hill that I have been dreading but I have a number of big hills on my home based course so I knew I could conquer it. Once again the Galloway method came through for me. Not only did I get up the hill. I passed 3 runners and recorded a new PR of 11:44 min/mile split. I felt strong and was able to finish with no problem.
Sunday on the other hand was a different story. It was hot 86 degrees, humid, and just all round not a great day. I was so tired I even took 2 naps throughout the day, this is very unusual for me. My feet and legs are sun burnt from Florica's soccer game yesterday. My hip and shins were hurting. Although I enjoyed having the kids over for Mother's day I was just not in the mood to cook and apparently no one else wanted to either even though they all wanted to eat. I ended up eating left over pizza before trying to run, probably should have waited until after the run. I knew I was running slow but I was ok with that and my shins loosened up nicely within half a mile. However, when I reached what should have been the 1 mile mark I noticed that my mapmyrun app was on pause, argh. Everything was starting to hurt (my shoulder, breasts, hip, and back) were all saying enough I was so hot I am sure my face was red as a beat. I decided then that I needed to cut my course short and turn it into a brisk comfortable walk.
Florica has a number of games this week making it difficult for me to meet up with the group until Wednesday. The weather is changing which I am hoping is why my hip hurts. I just started "running" in March and have found the experience invigorating. I look forward to each run and miss it on my off days. Yesterday was a big disappointment for me. I am hoping I feel better tonight so that I can get a run on the treadmill. Next week will be the next step in my running endeavor as I start training with Big River Summer Speedwork in preparation for my Firecracker 10K on July 4th.

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