Friday, February 17, 2012

Week 07 February 17, 2012

29 Day Challenge Follow Up

I finally made it to the closet and thanks once again to Laura's system:

Clothes Purging ~ How To Let Them Go
I did two loads of laundry, purged what I could, and organized the rest. I cannot remember where I saw this method for storing t shirts but I really like being able to see everything so easily. Previously, the ones on top were the only ones worn over and over again. Pulling a shirt from the bottom made a mess that usually just stayed where it was until the next week. I plan to color match the shirts for even easier identification at some point but right now the point was just to purge and organize.
The closet had been organized somewhat about a year ago making it easier this time. The biggest problem as I eluded to before I began was getting to the closet. I had magazines, a number of shoes, luggage, a rocking chair piled high withjunk clothes.
I now have a functioning closet no matter how small it is. I was also fortunate to have a neighbor throwing away his closet organizer. I have always wanted one but cost was a concern along with the size of my closet. I have 2 nice rows of shelves on top along with 2 and 1 1/2 on the bottom for shoes. This one fits perfectly next to the closet. It holds all of the shoe boxes I had lined up in the closet, all the shoes that had been on the floor, and the drawers are currently empty. The hanging shoe bag and over the door purse rack were from the shopping trip my first week.

The clothes in the highboy were folded, placed in categories, and returned using this new method I found on pinterest.
I was able to add all the clean clothes that had been sitting in the laundry baskets into the drawers by folding and placing them up right. It is also easier to see what I have. I probably need to purge more but since everything fit into the drawers now I will save the second round of purging for the last week after the surfaces are cleared of all the clutter.

Finally, everything on the dressing table was removed. The poor magnifying mirror broke over 25 years ago but I have not been able to find another one quiet like it and I love it (when you reach your 40's you will understand, LOL). The drawers were cleaned out, once again they had piles of clothes in front of them making them pretty much useless and half empty. I am looking for any and all SUGGESTIONS for this corner space. This room has either a door, window, or closet on every wall. There is not one solid wall. In order to fit the dressing table and highboy I need to place them on adjacent walls leaving either an empty corner or this table from my Great Aunt. If anyone has any ideas on a better placement or organizational idea I would love to hear it.

"Get yourself a limiting container so you know when enough is enough" Laura, Organizing Junkie


  1. My heavens--what wonderful progress! That furniture is just beautiful. I'd say leave the corner empty. Let the eye rest between the two pieces. It will be calming.

    Keep going! You're doing great! It's exciting.

  2. Love it! You are doing great. I hope you realize that!!!

  3. Mike has always stored his t-shirts that way. I thought it was the funkiest thing until I tried it. I think you can fit more in the drawers that way too. Looking good!

  4. Such progress! Such inspiration for me, thank You!

  5. The new system or organizing your tshirts is to store them upright in the drawers? I couldn't see from the photos really well (bad eyesight) and am wondering if you are willing to explain. Thanks

    1. Yes, they are folded into fourths instead of thirds and stored upright instead of stacked flat. I have all of the cami's and sleeveless shirts for layering in one drawer, dressier tops for work in another, regular weekend t's in the third drawer, and long sleeve tops in the top drawer. I was unable to fit all my shirts into those four drawers previously. You can see two laundry baskets of clean clothes in the before picture. I did have to purge to make them all fit but I was able to fit more tops into the drawers by folding and stacking them in this manner.

  6. Thanks for explaining about how to food the shirts I was actually going to ask you about this! Kind of cool that you answered my question before it was even asked but it is still not as cool as your process! It looks great