Tuesday, March 17, 2009

No buy March

I had declared March a no buy month when I could not fit another thing in any of my 3 freezers.
So far I have done very well. DH truck needed a new ball joint, thank goodness he's a mechanic we applied that $75.00 to the household budget. I have picked up things that we need like milk, bread, fresh fruit and veggies that totaled around $30.00. Then over the weekend DS19 and I went out to get him somethings to eat while DD14 and I are out of town. That was another $30.00 for frozen chicken nuggets, mini tacos, quesadillas and ravioli.
The rest has been freebies at Walgreens. I use coupons, Register Rewards and my Gift Card so no money out of pocket there.
Then on Sunday we went to buy a spreader for the yard as well as a blueberry bush. While we were there we picked up grub killer, we are hoping to get rid of the moles in our yard by getting rid of their food source. We also found on clearance some organic potting soil and ant spray. That little trip cost us $91.00 but we got what we needed to get started on spring planting.

Total for the month $500- 75.00 - 30 -30 -91 = 274.00 so I will have money for the savings account in March.
DD and I leave in 3 days for WDW. I have a number of GC for disney that we will use for all our food and expenses on the way. I will also leave a little cash and a grocery GC for my son incase he needs anything.

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