Friday, June 25, 2010

One month later the garden is comming along nicely:
Before I left on vacation I planted some "surprise" melons. I am not sure what they are since they were actually growing in with the thyme I bought at HD. A couple more tomato plants and the rest were seeds. I asked DH to water them if we did not have rain at least every 3rd day. Unfortunately, he did not do it. The lima beans, cilantro, 2 red peppers, and carrots are all that came up. I replanted with some spinach, lettuce, radishes, hot peppers and green onions in hopes of a late round. This is one of the old beds which contains tomatoes from my dad, watermelon, cantaloupe, and celery. I planted the last of the eggplant seeds since they have not come up in any of the other beds yet and yellow wax beans I got on clearance.

The lettuce is just about done. I will let at least one of each kind go to seed in hopes of starting them myself next year. The bush beans are both lima and green beans and are doing well. The pole beans however have been attacked by the Japanese Bettles. I also have one tomato and 6 zucchini planted among the lettuce.

The corn in the self-watering bin started out great but has slowed down. Probably to wet, I am considering removeing the plastic to allow for more evaporation. In the tire is 3 more tomatoes from Dad. I didn't really need that many but I couldn't deliberately let them die. The brown planter contains my mint (Whoo Hoo! Mojitos all around).

The corn in the ground started much slower. When we left June 16, 2010 the biggest were about knee how. They are now waist high on June 25, 2010. I read about a 3 sisters garden like the Indians planted. Before we left I added 2-3 pole beans around each corn stalk and 2 zucchini in the spaces. I also have 2 new blueberry bushes here which I hope will force me to move this garden next year.

There are 2 tomatoes in the green self-watering container and one in the barrel. They are all doing well so far.

The herb garden along the back of the house is growing well. I have cilantro, spinach, garlic chives, basil, thyme, oregano, sage, green onions, lettuce, and more cilantro.

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